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Default Advertising on Free Business Forums

Free Business Forums has grown to become one of the UK's leading and most respected sources of help and information for Small & Medium Enterprises, regularly receiving over 120,000 page views per month.

Our advertising programme offers you an unrivaled chance of exposure to promote your business to other business owners but also managers and ultimately consumers for as little as 3.50 per week.

In addition, an advert on FBF can bring you literally hundreds of backlinks from a vast variety of topical subjects and in the case of some of our longest serving advertisers that now reaches thousands of backlinks, exactly what you need to rise up in the Search Engine Results Pages (Serps) from a PR4 website.

The majority of our advertisers have been so pleased with the results that they continually repeat their advertisements. Why not try it for yourselves?


At FBF we offer a huge amount of flexibility in our advertising, from short programs to long term campaigns.


Our standard package is an advert size of 160 x 180px which can be displayed below the "Google" adwords for 3.50 per week or above for 4.50 per week, for a minimum period of 12 weeks. The advert will show randomly on a minimum of 1 in 6 page views. To explain that a bit more clearly, imagine if you threw a dice, there would be a 1 in 6 chance that it would land on 2. It could land on two several times on the trot or you might have to throw the dice 10 times before it landed on two, but there would always be a 1 in 6 chance everytime you throw it that it would land on two.

The same is true for how our advertising is displayed, everytime someone changes the page they are viewing there is a one in six chance of any advert being displayed.

You can improve these odds, for example if you purchase two adverts, the odds drop to a 1 in three chance, some of our advertisers have chosen to have six adverts so that they were guaranteed to be seen on every page, but the choice is entirely yours.

Adverts can be taller than 180 pixels and are priced proportionately to the increased height. We will only consider adverts smaller than 180 pixels high if being booked for a full year in advance.


Positioning works purely on longevity, if any advert above you cancels, your advert will be moved up and younger adverts will be placed below you.

I hope this makes the advertising proposition on FBF clear, but please feel free e-mail if you have any further questions.

*All prices exclude VAT.
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